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Why Choose Vinyl Siding?

Take a look around your neighborhood and you may find that many homes have vinyl siding installed on the exterior of the house. Vinyl siding has exploded to become the most popular siding material in the past couple of decades for a variety of different reasons which are discussed below.

  • Tough, Durable, and Long-Lasting - Vinyl siding is made from plastic, which makes it very strong and it will last a lifetime. Vinyl siding will not rust, chip, rot, or warp unlike wood and aluminum. Vinyl's tough properties make it very adverse to weather damage including rain, sleet, snow, ice, and heat.
  • Cost - Hands down vinyl is the most cost-effective solution to siding your home. Plastic, which is what vinyl is made from, is a huge industry and very inexpensive to produce. These cost savings are passed down to the consumer in the price of vinyl.
  • Ease of Installation - Vinyl comes in long planks that have pre-slotted holes for nailing or drilling into the house. Vinyl siding installation is a very easy job for a contractor because the material is light, flexible, and very easy to line up for nailing to the house.
  • Designs and Colors - You can obtain vinyl siding in any type of color or design. Some of the most popular designs include your a stone, brick, or wood look to the vinyl. The material is still made of plastic but resembles real wood, stone, or brick!
  • Easy Maintenance - Plastic is a very easy material to clean. You could take a brush, hose, or power washer to your vinyl siding to clean it in no time without damaging the product!

Head to your nearest home improvement store and pick up a booklet of vinyl siding samples to take home and place against your current exterior surface to see which color or design looks best. You can then show your chosen color and design to the vinyl siding company or contractor that will perform the job. Upgrading to vinyl siding will not only make your house look great but will add value to your home as well!

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