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Shingle Siding Options and Patterns

Shingle siding is the most versatile siding option available. Slight changes in the pattern can change the character of a home. Things to consider include: shingle material, stain or paint, corner boards or weave, spacing between the courses, and spacing between the shingles. With so many choices, how do you know what look is going to be best for your home. Here are some basic choices to consider and then you can let your own personal taste take over.

The first consideration is what material to use. Wood cedar is the most common choice. But there are even choices of which cedar species to choose, red or white for instance. Talk to your contractor on what is the best price for your area and which will last the longest. The other part of wood choice is how you are going to coat it, if at all. A quality white cedar shingle can look beautiful all weathered and gray for example. But you might want to stain or paint the shingles. Different materials will take paint or stain differently. Your contractor can help with making this decision.

The other major decision is how to finish the outside corners. The easier and cheaper method is to install corner boards like found on a wood clapboard home. The more classic shingle look is to weave the shingles at the corner. This is more time consuming for the professional siding installer, so it will cost more. Weaving in the corners also gives you more options on the bottom of the home. You can flare out the bottom for that stately home look.

The spacing between the courses can define the character more than one would think. But there is also cost to consider when choosing the gap between courses. The smaller the spacing, 5", has more overlap between shingles and will last longer than bigger spacing, 7+", but smaller spacing requires more shingles and therefore costs more in materials and labor. Another classic cottage look is to vary the spacing on every other shingle course. This look will only fit particular homes but for a little extra price, you gain a lot of style. Other patterns can be added into the shingles like diamonds found on traditional craftsman style homes. These patterns can be used to balance the side of the house where windows are spaced irregularly.

Also, the gap between the shingles can vary to give your home a more sophisticated or rustic look. The tighter the spacing makes for a cleaner look while the wider gap looks more rustic. Not much savings in going with a wider gap, but the difference in appearance can be dramatic.

There are so many options to consider, almost too many. Drive around and check out the homes that you like. Make note of the different shingle designs and patterns. See which ones you like and add some style to your home when you re-side it with shingles.

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